So, I just present the card and that’s it?

Yes, It’s really that simple.

Once you present the Los Cabos Passport Card your bill will be adjusted accordingly.

Can I use the Los Cabos Passport Card more than once at the same place?

Absolutely! You can use it as many times as you like for as long as your card is valid, over and over again.

How long is my Card valid for?

From 6 months up to a year, depending on when you purchased your Card. We put the new Cards out every January 1st (valid until next January) and every July 1st (valid until next July).

How do I obtain my Los Cabos Passport Card?

Click Buy Now

After purchasing your Los Cabos Passport card, you will be directed to another page where you are able to select the method for obtaining your new card. You will have three options for receiving your card.

  • You may pick it up at the Squid Roe gift shop.
  • Hand Delivery once you arrive in Cabo (small fee applies). We will contact you by phone or email to arrange the delivery at your convenience (may be arranged prior to arrival in Cabo).
  • 3) By mail to USA and Canada (shipping charge applies).

Are more places going to be participating?

Of course! Anything less would be uncivilized! We will be continuously adding new merchants so make sure you keep checking the website frequently.

How many times do I need to use my card before it pays for itself?

Technically, less than once!

Most of the offers are worth more than your initial investment for the Card. That means the first time you use your Los Cabos Passport Card, it will pay for itself and you will start saving a lot of money.

Now, how about that?!?!

How much can I save in total with my Los Cabos Passport Card?

There is no answer to that question! It can be hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of dollars! That depends only on you. You can use it once or you can use it every day for as long as your Card is valid (from 6 months up to a year, depending when you bought your Card).

What it comes down to is, the more you use the card, the more you’ll save and we encourage you to use it as much as you can!!!

Are they any restrictions that apply to the offers?

Some participating business may have exceptions or restrictions for their offers. You can find details of each offer on the business page within the Los Cabos Passport website. On the 2×1 offers, the free item is always the one with the lowest price.

I lost/they stole my card, what do I do?

If you lost your card or was stolen we can replace it for the 50% of its original value. Contact us directly.